Thursday, November 25, 2010

One for the weekender

Inspired by a friend's recent project and the lack of plans for the majority of this weekend (i'm usually verrrrry busy and important of course...), I have decided to embark to a self-improvement plan of sorts. It goes like this;
1)  Scour facebook for your friends that make you laugh, that talk a lot of nonsense but still make sense, that have good taste and whom you have had at least a few drinks with.
2)  Go to the 'info' tab and check out what they have listed as their fave movies
3)  Well, simple really...beg, borrow or steal a few of the above choices you haven't seen before and watch as the world's mysteries suddenly make sense and self is considerably improved. Probably.

So without further ado, here are my chosen few (drumroll please!):

Stranger than Fiction

Love Me if You Dare

The Cove


One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

The Visitor

If any of my dear readers spot a glaringly obvious omission from the above 'watch before you die' films, i'm all ears!


binx said...

You must watch Les quatre cents coups, one of the best films ever made; the shots of him in the back of the van in Paris are mind-meltingly amaysing.

Kizzy and Sizzy said...

The Cove is utterly horrific, my life was far better before I ever watched that movie, I believed in the good of people before then.

gazingraspberries said...

@Binx - Binx says, Rachael does

@K&S - i'm the kind person that cries at Free Willy and Babe. I think i might take your cue and accept that it will leave me rocking abck and forth in a dark room for weeks.