Wednesday, May 26, 2010

back from the brink

Three cheers for being back in the blogosphere! Have wenched myself from the clutches of Facebook and de-tagging horrendous photos of myself to preoccupying myself with some delightful blogs of late (disclaimer: shameless plug coming up) namely A Chick Named Hermia and White Rabbit. Go read.

So as you can tell, je suis inspired. I was one of those deluded dreamers who proudly declared during my mid-teen crisis that I was going to be a writer for the rest of my days; unkempt hair, green tea and glasses i don't need but felt it added to the overall visage. This was pretty short-lived once i discovered my inner health freak (cycling like a mad thing at breakneck speed was the new black) and that i was in fact, a TV junkie;  literature was something to bother with when there was nothing exciting on the box.

So here i am again, almost two years down the line and all the wiser than when i first started as a shy lil Christian girl from the sticks in Norn Iron branching out on her own in Dublin.

I'm pleased to say i've emerged mostly unscathed. I reside in a lovely apartment when i've no plans, have built up a lovely social circle of all sorts of colourful characters (and some who are just completely unhinged). I have managed to hold onto my job and use the rewards to pay for holidays and tops i don't need from I have exciting travel plans for Asia this summer and one of my good friends is having a baby (just the thought of seeing a mini, cuter version of said friend is enough to send me on a mad spree in Mothercare)

The proverbial cherry on top however, is that somebody loves me. Yes, that love where you have access to unlimited cuddles, random cute text messages in the middle of work, catching their eye in a crowded room and knowing what they're thinking, having a code language, literally jumping with glee when they have texted to say that they are 5 mins from your building, someone randomly telling you you're beautiful when you are just watching a film on tv (Katherine Heigl 0 -1 Rachael). altogether now: awwwww!

I have very good intentions of filling this post with lil randomisms about my life gone by and fun happenings as they come. Headig out now for a few drinksies with friends so i'm leaving you in the name of craic, but i'll be back (hey, that rhymes!)

R x