Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March times...

Ah hello there, long time no blog, eh?

The last wee while has been taken up by a whole lotta work and a whole lotta movin' (i moved twice in one week, sigh!)  This hasn't really given me ample blogging material sadly, and since I was always tapping away on this overworked laptop of mine, it took all my will not to throw it out the window by the time the ritual evening hobby of browsing the internets for funny cat pics rolled round (i'm kidding of course..*shuffles awkwardly*..)

Anyhoo, here are a few pics that sum up my last few weeks:

I wish i celebrated Paddy's Day with cute cupcakes,  went for the alcoholic beverage version instead, uh-oh!

...table quizzes (especially when using my superior lip-reading skills to spy on rival team's answers! @sheen

Gnocchi Mac and Cheese - perfect Sunday night noms! @cuttingedge

Hopefully some big changes coming....

Sarah Kaye, the Spoken Poet.  She's simply great; what are the things that you know to be true?