Wednesday, November 3, 2010

decisions decisions...

I'm so indecisive lately, i frustrate myself.  They aren't even life-altering decisions.... well, unless you're from that school of thought that believes every little decision you make can change everything; did choosing ham instead of chicken for my panini today mark a shift in the order of the universe somehow? Nah.

Anyway, the latest is Friday night plans: its 'film night' in Temple Bar or consulting a visiting medium at a friend's house.  Now its all very well communicating with the dead (wouldn't mind seeing how Granny McCormick is getting on up there with the big man) except that sceptical little devil dude landed right on my shoulder as soon as I heard about it and is laughing his head off.  I'm up for anything and I'm open minded at the best of times, but i think the film night is more how I roll. Plus there's wine and cheese which will make me feel all sophisticated and intellectual (until i get to the 3rd glass anyway).  Oh look, i blogged my way into a decision, would ye look at that  folks! outstanding!

So despite my freakishly busy week I managed to squeeze in a recording for Hands On (a deaf TV programme run by the folks at RTE) this morning. Most of you who follow my blog will know i was facing the 'do-i-don't-i' question of whether to sign, isn't that right dear followers? (*echos*) Ahem...ok...anyway, so it was quickly made clear that they want me to at least attempt to sign whilst i was talking so i gave it a whizz.  Whatdoyaknow...i actually managed to pass it off without looking like some wannabe deafie!  Will be watching the clip on my own through huddled knees and peeping through my fingers when it comes out (read: i'll throw a massive party for the premiere of my 15 mins of fame complete with fire eating dwarves and a keg).  Lesson of the Day? Its the things that scare the shit out of you at first that are usually the things worth doing in the end.


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