Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Body: 'hello Rachael? Please be nice to me, thanks. Smiley face."

So I haven't really been embracing the whole 'body is a temple' idea what with my recent stint of body abuse the past few days.  First up was the 2 hrs spent waiting for a taxi to ferry myself and a few friends back to my apartment after a night out in Dublin.  In my head at the time, the apartment was not merely an apartment, oh no. It was a big, bubbling hive of warmness with cushions that doubled as hot water bottles, bowls of hot soup that made themselves, and an atmosphere that felt like you got a big hug as soon as you walked in the door.  We managed to get to said apartment in the end, hurrah.  Admittedly I was wearing heels that cut my feet to ribbons, so having to trudge to the taxi rank in the snow meant that even after i managed to thaw them out, they still looked a truly sorry sight.

Next up was an 11 hr visit to the A&E department after an attempt at baking breakfast bars a la Nigella Lawson  came to a bloody end.  Have managed to damage a few nerves and had to get a few stitches in (there was only 6 stiches, don't think i've earned bragging rights as far as those were concerned, pah). 
Next week is a visit to the Hand Clinic which amused me no end.  I imagined a clinic where the doctors have beautiful hands that flail about wildly as they talk for maximum effect.  You wouldn't be able to tell what they looked like, such was the beauty of the nimble fingers and smooth skin that eluded even the most experienced palm reader.  

So anyway, i arrived back this morning to see that the mixture was still intact and i can easily pick up where i left off.  Dear help the poor souls who get to taste them. I'll be staring at them intently; 
"You better enjoy those, i spent 11hrs in casualty for those y'know, literally shed blood, sweat and tears y'know?"
"eh...oh..okay, erm......nom nom nom"


Kizzy and Sizzy said...

Hardcore dude, taking back up the wooden spoon after 11hrs.

gazingraspberries said...

yuh, i think there is a gap in the market for chefs sacrificing themselves for their art - burns, cuts and scaldings, anything goes!

Alyssa said...

i am requesting photos of the doctors hands at the doctors clinic. request a finger puppet show or something. make em work for the money :) x

gazingraspberries said...

@Alyssa - not sure they will humour such a request from a 23yr old but sure my persuasive powers are on top form lately so i'll give it a bash!