Friday, November 12, 2010

10 men chasing a ball....

....and i'm hooked!  For the uninitiated, i'm talking about futsal.  And i'm talking about futsal because the Irish Deaf team happen to be blazing a trail over in Switzerland at the Deaf Futsal championships.  News just in is that they lost their quarter final match and so they hope to come 5th tomorrow which is bloody marvellous if you ask my humble opinion on the matter.  I don't have a lot to say about futsal (or anything that involves lots of men chasing after a ball) but i really think this one has trumped football for the title of the beautiful game.  It's quick-paced and full of action, with the players more skilled than in football what with having to dribble a ball in a smaller space.

 - Google has given everyone a 10% payrise and a 700 EUR bonus - some idiot leaked it and promptly got lead out the building by security to go join the dole queue.  Fail, tsk.
 - Went to film night last week in Temple Bar and who should pop up but miss Abigail who was in Thailand with me over the summer! She played a young mother frustrated with her waster bf and she wasn't half bad.  I also happened to win a perfume set in the raffle afterwards - I was one of the last ones to win so I could feel all the eyes bearing holes in me as I walked up to smugly pick my prize!
-Popped home on the Saturday to reassure mother Bleakley that I was indeed still alive, and met the cutest lil baby ever!  No, the Bleakleys haven't started re-populating again, it was a family friend's new baby and honestly, the lil dude was so cute i could have ate him up with a spoon...the ovaries weren't so much quivering as they were doing somersaults for the duration of the visit.
- Failed an exam this week in work which was a low point and I marked it by sculking off to the study rooms to have a good mope.  Paul later found me all misty-eyed and gave me a hug which helped. Yes, i'm a bit of a cry-baby this week, i blame the antobiotics from the dentist on Monday when i got my wisdom tooth out (i may or may not have been a crybaby about that also..)
- As a result of a less than fabulous week, I'm off to Belfast for a friend's birthday party; drinking, shopping and laughing should feature (and the obligatory dodgy kebab of course!)

When i come back on Sunday, its only 1 more sleep til Joey returns to Irish soil *squeals!*

Have a lovely weekend my lovelies!

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