Thursday, September 2, 2010

My toilet has a twin!

'tis as random as a sock in a pickle factory alright, but earlier today i decided that just as we humans need a special someone to walk along the beach with or feed us spaghetti, our standard bog needs to feel he's not alone in the world.  So, imagine my surprise when I stumbled across run by the lovely people at Tearfund who literally want to flush away poverty.  I'm all for a bit of philanthropy to brighten up the daily humdrum of life, especially when charities think outside the box and come up with a gem of an idea like this one.  For a mere 60 squid, your toilet is 'twinned' with another in Burgundi, Africa, and a shiny certificate stating the same is winging its way to me right this moment.  

Now my guests will have something to muse on whilst they answer the call of nature, and I now have a tray tray amusing fact to share at dinner parties.  Actually, i'm going to start throwing dinner parties just so i can regale my fellow guests with this little nugget.  I can point it out on Google Maps using the grid reference i receive should said dinner guests choose not believe me and remain transfixed on their beef wellington. Fools.

Whats more, Paul Daniels has a toilet twin according to the site.  If its good enough for Mr Daniels.....

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