Thursday, August 26, 2010

Self-improvement, Enrique and squatting!

So theres all manners of things i should be doing now; packing, paying bills, washing my sunday bests so i have something half decent and co-ordinated to wear at the weekend, feeding myself and remembering to buy some mouthwash on the way home from work (doh!).

Jebus, i really should get a hobby to break up all this excitement.  Oh speaking of which, i'm going to grace the RDS with my presence this Sunday since finding out that the Course Expo 2010 runs this weekend (*fanfare*).  This is a not-so-subtle attempt to inject some pizzazz into my weekdays since I found that I was looking forward to the weekends way too much at the expense of the 4 other days that we have to make up our calendars.  It goes like this: Sunday, urgh-day, meh-day, pah-day, humph-day....FRIDAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!.  Not good huh? So lads, i'm going to get me some skills and learn something new for one day a week.  Ah yes, another string to my bow what with my juggling, knowledge of the offside rule and ability to slam a revolving door.  Some people would die happy with that i guess, but i'm going to have a shot at something new.

I had my Norn Iron girls over at the weekend for some banter which was long overdue.  My best friend has fallen in love: cue lots of inappropriate questions about the awl fella in in a blatant attempt to verify that he is indeed not a carbon copy of the last one (who i will admit, i didn't warm to...).  Indeed, he sounds really rather lovely!  Not so lovely, was the dude at the bar on Friday night who fancied himself as a bit of an Enrique Inglesias, grabbing my sis onto the dancefloor, slobbering all over her.  Well, colour me unimpressed. I think sis found the whole overprotective sister act quite amusing, but let me tell you, when i made a beeline for the two of them just as he was leaning towards her face with his slobbery face, i was a woman on a mission.  Managed to rescue the girl, night was salvaged.

The flatmate has taken herself off to America for a bit of state-hopping fun (i'm not jealous at all. obviously.) Which means i have Number 19 all to myself!  First thing i did was dig out the trainers, make some Rachael-shaped space in the living room, and pop my Davina McCall fitness DVD in.  It was one of those 'can't-face-the-gym-but-need-to-sweat' days, and on days like that, Davina's yer woman.  I squatted, crunched and star-jumped my way to fabulousness....and then ruined it all with a Galaxy Ripple afterwards. As much as i love Davina, it does tick me right off when she tries to be one of us mere mortals; the woman has abs you could do your washing on yet she still pretends she's about to double over in pain by the time shes done two measely crunches.  For added authenticity, she does that weird gurning thing with her face.  who are you trying to kid darlin'.  



Amnesty International said...

Never thanked you for saving me from Enrique.His name was actually Evan btw ;)

gazingraspberries said...

mwahahah, well i'm glad you bonded before i ruined what was going to be a beautiful friendship.

Also, you have two blogs..and both are empty. Tsk, hop to it!