Thursday, December 2, 2010

Snow? What snow?

Not having a post about the recent white blanket that has enveloped our Emerald Isle would be like ignoring the big white freezing elephant in the room, so here it is.

It snowed in November in Ireland, and it hasn't stopped.

In the past week we have seen Facebook news feeds overtaken with snow-related updates (just in case you didn't know it was snowing, presumably), public transport services being cancelled mere hours after Brian Cowen and co asked us to rely on said public services. We've also seen videos of unfortunate souls doing their best impression of Michael Flatley on fast-forward trying to stay upright on the ice going viral on YouTube and the public masses taking to the streets wearing oversized slippers on their feet i.e. Uggs.

I for one, quite like the snow. Its Christmas-y, its romantic and doesn't happen very often.  But the real reason I love the snow is because I live 2 minutes walk from work, I don't drive a car and I haven't been pelted with a snowball by a lurking 12 year old looking to pass the time now that schools out.  Yet.

Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure old chums:

See that dude in that picture right there?  Look up.  Yeah, the one that's doing the 'why-is-she-making-me-pose-for-a photo-when-i-could-be-playing-with-the-ducks' face.  Well readers, he's only gone and got himself a place in the Irish national team for futsal!  Well done boyfriend, looks like he's gone and made a WAG outta me!


Au Lapin Blanc said...

That first photo is just amazing m'dear.

gazingraspberries said...

Why, thank you WR! Nice to see you in my neck of the woods...i spend a lot of time over at yours. Kudos on the blog, and the tumblr is a fave!