Sunday, December 12, 2010


Me: "Mum, my throat feels all scratchy"
Mother: "I have something for that"

Me: "Mum, I have this horrible stain on my new suede boots and it won't budge"
Mother: "I have something for that"

Me: "Mum, I've walked the dog and now she stinks"
Mother:: "I have something for that"

Me: "Mum, i want world peace"
Mother: "Let me have a look in the cupboard, I might have something for that"

Why think for myself when I can live happily ever after in this lil cuddly ball of cotton wool in which my mother has most likely placed a hot water bottle under the covers to keep me warm? You guessed it, I'm home for the weekend and loving it.  The concrete jungle that is Dublin just doesn't appeal to my inner country bumpkin in the same way that catching a whiff of cow poo and having to walk for miles to encounter civilisation does!

c/anais lee creative


Alyssa said...

I have been on a really awful call for the last hour and the entire time i just stared at your blog and the pretty snow drifting down... it was lovely :)

And mums can fix everything - enjoy your time at home!!

gazingraspberries said...

Glad myself and my snow could be of service. Ask your mum, she might have something for bad calls ;)