Thursday, September 18, 2008

Some snazzy photos to jazz up the blog ( poor neglected blog!) of my first ever night out with Googlers in Temple Bar (we're such tourists!) 'Twas a merry night of pear cider, crepes and Rafael's hip swinging...what a lovely bunch.
Tonight sees my first official team night out to the dogs...i'll probably be too busy scoffing the finger food and commenting on how malnourished the poor dogs look to open my purse and indulge in a bit of (gasp!) gambling...should be interesting!


Edu Giansante said...

Hi gazing, just found your blog through your PPC campaign! that's great

your friend looks brazilian! is He?

I'm brazilian, living in Dublin since april, and I also have a blog about ireland, but it's in portugusese. you can check it out at and use google translator! :)

Where're you from? let's keep in touch


gazingraspberries said...

Hi Ed,

Sorry i just noticed your comment there now! Glad my AdWords campaign is doing the business!

Nope my two friends are actually french :)

Hope Dublin is treating you well, is been a few years now!