Tuesday, September 23, 2008

my Tuesday

...i'm moving up in the google world, sent my first email to a customer today - can i get a whoop whoop?! it took me 1.5hours to perfect, but who's counting?! Fpund myself wishing i had a smaller, close-knit team...its a bit testing at times when you can't really get to know any one person really well. Doesn't help that there is so many people coming and going all the time also - gah! Gotta persevere though...i can take heart in the fact that i have made lots of good friends so far and theres no reason why i can't do the same here at work. Team night out on Thurs which will be a massive challenge but one that i probably need. Struggling a lil with the awl faith also, don't have the same fire i used to and it worries me ever so slightly. What a bleak blog! Oh! kirsty scored a job today off my dad...so strange to think of my best mate and my dad sharing the same office! scary biscuits! oh i want a biscuit. need to excercise, mon derriere is spreading out at unspeakable angles. Roll on October - my fun activity filled month of sign language, football, role-modelling, concerts and (fingers crossed) Alton Towers.

R x

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