Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Movin' on out...

So after 2 years of fun, tears, laughter and even a little blood, I have decided to move to pastures new and have bagged me a cute new crib in a cooler part of Dublin town!  The big move isn't happening for a couple of weeks but I have already mentally picked out the new cushions to go with my new black 3 seater (bless you TK Maxx and your interior decorating department).

While I'm so excited I could poo rainbows, there's that niggling feeling that I won't warm to the whole scary concept of living on my own.  Yep, its me, one apartment, and a whole lotta freedom to walk about starkers.  Okay, the last bit is a bit of a cliché but one does have to wonder what it is like not to have to grab a towel/hoodie/large coverable object, and dash across the hall on tiptoes when you realise you have left your bra in the laundry room.  There's also the 'naked chef' idea, for which i'm game if it involves preparing salad or similar that won't spit hot oil onto my lady parts and result in an obvious John Wayne-style waddle for weeks afterwards.  
Naked mishaps aside, my main worry is that I will turn into one of those sad, lonely females that politely decline all social invitations in favour of crafting new hats for her cats, and becomes so obsessed with the comings and goings of her neighbours that she spins elaborate lies in her head ("That Peter from No.4 is a member of the Ku Klux Klan so he is.  Wears an awful lot of white so he does...")

I think i'll brave it.  I can stink up the place when i want some fish for dinner...I can have impromtu visits without worrying that we are in the flatmate's way...I can wash my clothes anytime knowing the washing machine is empty...and best of all, the place is mine, all mine! Plus, I'm a cat person anyway :)



Anonymous said...

Myself and The Boy went through a 'recluse' phase when we got our own place. I think psychologically we still thought being in the same place as one another counted as a social activity.
It did not.
Leaving the house or having non-residents over is a social activity.
We're still struggling to regain our social lives, but we're getting there!...I think... *adopts 7 new cats and starts a new knitting project*

Karin said...

Go for it!!! I'm dying to live on my own, and if you get lonely sure just invite mates over without the worry of annoying any flatmates!

Claire said...

I had all the exact same fears when I got my own place!

Be assured, the things you're excited about will be even better than you thought, and the worries turn out to be just nerves! Just remember to keep showering and you'll be fine x

Lady Peach said...

Go you!! How exciting! There is a part of me that wants to get a place on my own, all for me. Do what I want when I want!!
Best of luck with it
Lady Peach

gazingraspberries said...

Thanks ladies, just spending my first night here and i keep hearing strange noises (damn me and my irrational 2am thoughts!)

Dora Ali said...

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