Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend reminiscing...

I'm tucked up in bed with my freshly washed sheets  and thinking i'll cram a blog post in before Monday rears its ugly head and my to-do list starts snapping at my heels.  So another weekend has been and gone - spent quite a lot of it watching footie.  Yes really.  It was surprisingly watchable and i didn't launch into a daydreaming session thinking about impossible but entertaining scenarios which is my usual boredom remedy (and no, i'm not telling you the conjurations of this imagination of mine!)  The first match was futsal (indoor footie) which Joey was playing - its much more watchable than football as the 'pitch' is much smaller so there is a lot more action. Also, there seems to be more skill involved - dribbling and the like rather than just going for a long shot and kicking the ball to the other end.  Colour me impressed, the guys did well and won 4-3 (don't quote me on that though, but i know they won!)  Second match was St Vincents Deaf FC which admittedly was more of a social occasion for me, nattering at the sidelines with one eye on the ball in case it made a bee-line for my head.  Also saw a new face in the form of Colm's baby - this is the part where I try to freak out the boyfriend; "Aww he's so cuuute! Joey, my ovaries are quivering!".  While on the subject, should mention that this week is my 3rd week training with the St Vincents Ladies footie team which is great as we train with the lads, gives us more of a challenge.  So i've no problem fitness wise, i just have to work out what to do with a football and I'm all sorted.

After all that footie on Sat it was only right that i compensate with a girly night - this called for cupcakes and x-factor.  I'm not completely hooked on the show but since my news feed on FB is invariably clogged up with updates related to the same, i pretty much know the story (i.e Cher walks like she has rickets and 'our meeary' will give you goosebumps as soon as she starts warbling some well-worn chart numbe)r.  Was a good wee night of wine, gossip and x-rated i-phone apps!

This week sees the last week of cookery class (*tear*).  Myself and Lisa are now planning on unleashing our culinary skills with a 'Come Dine With Me' style evening with 3 others.  Thanks to the 4 week course, i can now chop like a pro and can do amazing things with a garlic clove. Naturally, my diners should expect something with lots of chopped veg and something very garlic-y. Nom.

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